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    We let the results speak for themselves.

    I have been working with Justin and the team at Pure Edge since August of 2015. When I started my training, I wasn't expecting to make it past a month. Over a year later, I am in much better shape and still going strong. I know what can happen to us athletes in our later years, but that doesn't mean you can't still maintain your overall health and well-being. The reason I did not give up with Justin is because he and his staff actually care about their clients. We aren't just an extra monthly payment to help keep the lights on. We are people that have different needs and goals, and I am very happy with my progress thus far. I look forward to more years of instruction, help, and overall health improvement.


    - Adam E.

    My son, Joe, started strength & conditioning training when he was 11 years old. Within a month, we saw a noticeable difference in his speed and fielding on the baseball field. After working with the trainers at Pure Edge for the past two years, Joe has gained muscle, speed and confidence that pays dividends both on and off the athletic field. My hope is that Joe will value physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle throughout his lifetime.


    - Joy​ M.

    I came in wanting to slim down and tone up not knowing I would gain so much strength and confidence as well. You are in safe hands at Pure Edge. The trainers are knowledgeable, encouraging, and spend so much individual time with each client. I had a nasty chronic shoulder injury that used to always get in the way of my lifting workouts; however, my trainer helped me achieve huge gains while catering to my injuries. I am stronger than I have ever been before thanks to Pure Edge.


    - Laura M.

    Proud of my little guy. He absolutely loves going to his speed and strength classes. Probably because they make it so fun for him and he can see such a big difference in his speed and the way the ball jumps off his bat already. They make it fun and safe to be healthy.


    - Coach Brian J.

    Pure Edge has elevated my daughter’s fitness, endurance, strength, and confidence. They’re also helping her be mindful of injury prevention with focused techniques for her body type. She is a 5 year dual athlete that endures year-long training for both soccer & track. She already has seen positive results in six weeks w/ Justin’s and Tom’s expertise & motivation. When a 17 year old doesn’t complain about attending personal training (or rolling her eyes) – that should say enough!!! We received a personal referral to join Pure Edge and we are so glad that we did! Give it a try!


    Great staff – great atmosphere.


    - Maureen S.

    Thank you to you and your team for whooping up on this old man and getting me into some kind of shape other than an oval!


    - Bob D.

    I got my vertical jump tested at basketball practice a few days ago. Thanks to the training I've done with Pure Edge over the last 2 months, I have added 4.5 inches to my vertical!


    - Marcus M.

    Justin, we would like to start my daughter back up for speed training. She is hitting a little growth spurt and getting a little awkward similar to her sister a while back. She needs to learn how to run and not just depend on natural speed. You all turned her sister from a slower awkward kid to one of the two or three fastest on all three of her teams. Consider us very satisfied customers.


    - Mike M.

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