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    Ready to step up your game and drop your score on the links?


    Pure Edge owner and director Justin Shal has been a TPI Level 1 Certified golf fitness coach for over 2 years. With experience training youth to senior level golfers, he's got the expertise and results to help you improve your handicap and your confidence on the course. Golf fitness is not about having big arms or a six pack. Click the TPI logo below to learn more about the Titleist Performance Institute and how it fits into the Pure Edge Performance Training program.

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  • Throughout these unusual two years, Pure Edge has proven to be an essential and consistent workout environment. With both physical and mental practices implemented, the well being of us clients has been exceptional. My overall strength and endurance have really appeared in my golf game; this is the best I have played in many years!

    - Louis M.

    I shot my two lowest scores ever after starting golf performance training with Pure Edge. I've been golfing for 30+ years.

    - David G.

    In my 6 months of working with Justin and the team at Pure Edge, my flexibility and swing speed have greatly improved. I can see a big difference on the course!

    - Lauren K.

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