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    Performance Training

    Our specialized evaluation and training process allows us to turn your weaknesses into strengths and develop you into a more well-rounded athlete. No two athletes are the same, and neither are our workouts. We take your goals and abilities into account and utilize a variety of methods to ensure you're consistently progressing into an enhanced version of yourself. Our training sessions are appointment based, and our flexible hours will ensure there are spots available to fit any athlete's busy schedule.


    Training schedules can be found via the Pure Edge Performance Training app for quick and convenient online scheduling!

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    Speed Training

    The Pure Edge speed training program utilizes a combination of plyometrics, technique instruction, and energy systems work to teach you how to put force into the ground to accelerate faster, change direction quicker, and stop on a dime. Combined with Pure Edge strength training, you'll develop the power necessary to move faster through space, and the technique to do it efficiently. Speed training is available as a standalone class or comes included at no extra cost with our performance training programs.

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    One-On-One Personal Training

    If private training is more your style, we have packages available to give you what you need. Whether your goal is to increase your max bench press, lose 20 lbs, or just having someone there to keep you accountable, we'll be there every step of the way with the confidence and motivation necessary to push you through any barrier.

  • Pure Sweat Fitness Classes

    All classes feature a small ratio of clients to coaches so you get the most bang for your buck. Our instructors don't workout with you - they are focused on motivating you through the workout to give every ounce of energy you have. Every class is unique to challenge you in a new way every day! Find our class schedule on the Schedule link at the top of the page.

  • Pricing Options

    Our programs provide outstanding value and results!

    Performance and Personal Training

    We have numerous membership options available to fit any schedule and budget. Our small group training prices start at $30 per session depending on the time commitment. We offer competitive one-on-one training sessions for both individual sessions and multiple session packages. To find out what best fits your training needs and budget, we encourage you to schedule a free visit to see our facility, meet our team, and decide if we're the right fit to help you reach your goals.


    *All training memberships include unlimited speed training classes!

    Fitness and Speed Classes

    Our speed training membership starts at $150 and includes all the speed training sessions you can handle. Check out the links above for details and schedule for each class.


    *First class is FREE... We know you'll come back for more!

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